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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Father of the Mother of Invention

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Necessity is the mother of invention.

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“I read someplace that the brain needs some boredom during the day to process thoughts and generate creativity. That sounds right. My best ideas always bubble up when I'm bored. And my period of greatest creative output was during my corporate years when every meeting felt like a play date for coma patients. […] As recently as a year ago I would drive my car in silence and cook up all sorts of ideas on the go. Now I have satellite radio and can always find some auditory diversion. The only reliable place to be bored these days is in the shower.” [emphasis added]

— Scott Adams, 07/13/2011 (

Boredom is the father of creativity? Perhaps Scott Adams is on to something.

There have been times when I would get out of the shower, and when I began to dry my hair I would discover that I had neglected to rinse-out the conditioner. Invariably, I would then realize that I had been mulling over certain issues that had captivated my interest while shampooing my hair. This is anecdotal support for Scott's insight, but support that resonates with me.

Like most people in Western society, I have totally bought into the boredom-avoidance mindset. With either my computer or my Kindle (I never leave home without it) always at the ready, I manage to fill almost all my waking hours with activities that keep boredom at bay. Gone are the days when daydreaming was allowed to creep into one's person, as long as one had a reasonable excuse, like attending an all-hands Friday-afternoon meeting (especially when donuts were provided).

I think I will try to set aside some deliberate boredom-time in my daily routine. At least it might help me remember to rinse my hair in the shower.

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