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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How in the name of common sense does any of this help anybody?

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 10:  White House Chief of ...
Chief of Stuff "it up your ass"
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3) From “Cowards” to “Wise Latina” — We Get it Already. Had Eric Holder not accused the nation of being cowards, had the president not appealed to voters in a recent video on the basis of race, had the president not intervened to stereotype the police in a minor matter at Harvard, had the Supreme Court justice not suggested racial background can make a better judge, had both the attorney general and the president not implied, before reading the bill, that 70% of Arizonans were intent on racially stereotyping, we would not quite be where we are — in which a bankrupt country in the middle of two wars is obsessed over the NAACP calling the tea party veritable racists and the dropping of charges against a fringe crack-pot group like the New Black Panther Party.

I say “quite,” because Mr. Obama’s campaign itself had always been characterized by one too many racial Macaca moments to suggest that the media image of a healer was quite right — from Rev. Wright, to typical white person, to the clingers of Pennsylvania, to Michelle’s various editorials on a downright mean country to never been before proud, etc. I realize to review this well-trodden ground is to earn a bullseye on the left-wing NY-DC list or its successor to come, but the truth is that the administration deliberately gambled that by playing identity politics they could galvanize the base vote (it worked when over 95% of African-Americans voted along racial lines) without offending centrist devotees. But they did not quite comprehend the ugly nature of the genie they had unleashed. And now we are reduced to suicidal calls from the left to appoint more administration officials solely on the basis of race, and to become even more overt in racial referencing.” [emphasis added]
— by Victor Davis Hanson, July 26, 2010 (
As is abundantly clear to anyone familiar with logical reasoning, the assertion that any number of American jobs have been "either created or saved" by the Administration's policy is unfalsifiable, and consequently not even wrong. Just try to imagine how much time, energy, and money could have been saved if our colossally misguided president did not insist on engaging in a perpetual election campaign comprising dissembling, blundering, and misdirection.

Rather than leading the nation, eager to reestablish its preeminence among the community of civilized nations, along a path of innovation and a spirit of common interests, this national-misfortune-in-chief perpetuates old problems and creates new ones on a daily basis. Who benefits? Only the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic.

Obama's supposed support of the so-called "downtrodden" among us is a reactionary reversion to the pre-civil-rights era of racial bias and the societal naiveté of entitlementalia. The latter is a national strategy where everyone loses, to a lesser or greater extent. Instead of a free-market capitalist economy that creates wealth, which everyone can compete for and almost everyone gains from, we get an ever decreasing pie of redistributed wealth, which stifles innovation, entrenches the relative status quo by blocking upward mobility, and where everyone becomes dissatisfied with their lot in life.

How in the name of common sense can anyone hope for such change?

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