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Monday, June 7, 2010

Metastasis of Jew-hatred

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“Strangely, though I think that Ms. Thomas’ comments were horrible and very anti-Semitic, I do not necessarily agree that Ms. Thomas should be fired for her anti-Semitic rantings. Helen Thomas is merely a symptom of the problem, not the disease. Firing her would be like treating HIV with a band aid. […] Pat Buchanan, who is a holocaust revisionist, has a daily gig on MSNBC. Some of Buchanan’s anti-Semitic greatest hits include: being labeled a Jew hater by William F. Buckley; blaming the Iraq war on Jews in the American Government; saying the Mossad was behind 9/11; and claiming there were too many Jews on the Supreme court. By the way, Buchanan said the same thing about the Senate three years ago.”
— by Jeff Dunetz Jun 7th 2010 (Big Journalism)
Helen Thomas is my evil twin!       h/t Theo
I think Jeff's reasoning is confused. Are there other Jew-haters around who are arguably more contemptible than Helen Thomas? No doubt. So, perhaps we should draw up a list of Jew-haters the world over, and prioritize them in some order of hatefulness? Maybe we take a deck of cards, make I'madinnerjacket the ace of spades, and go from there? Perhaps on such a list, Helen Thomas gets to be assigned to the trey of clubs? And we just ignore her until every higher ranking Jew-hater has been dealt with, down to the trey of diamonds? Not nearly efficient enough.

There are millions (maybe billions) of Jew-haters. That is a very large data base (and growing) to be mined and prioritized, not to mention the time it would take to check who is next on the hit list.

My problem with people who insist on dealing with Jew-hatred, as if it were the equivalent to a personal dislike of broccoli, is that they trivialize the gruesome consequences of unrestrained Jew-hatred. And in so doing, they give cover to the metastasis of this cancer.

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