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Monday, December 14, 2009

We Are the System

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“Spiraling public debt, a sinking currency, and a bankrupt popular culture are simply symptoms when the body politic no longer adheres to a time-honored protocol of proven success. [...] When schools cannot guarantee that their graduates are literate, know basic math, and have some sense of being American — the rights and responsibilities of citizenship — then those, rich or poor, who seek government assistance and violate the protocols will grow, and those able to pay sufficient taxes for them and who follow the letter of the law will shrink. [...] [M]illions will never again vote for a Chicago politician and his coterie of insiders like Emanuel, Axlerod, Jarrett, etc. They will value experience at governance, not gimmicky hopey/changey bromides. The voters want a Truman/Eisenhower sort of figure to talk no-nonsense, be tough with our enemies, supportive of our allies, and one who will pay down not expand the national debt.”
— ‘Victor Davis Hanson, December 13th, 2009’
God help us, we need a miraculous National leader like Abraham Lincoln. But we could make do with a very good one, like Truman, Eisenhower, or Reagan. We also need an industrial-strength eradication of the putrid Congressional incumbents. The leftist assault on American traditions and values have been devastating to our Nation's well-being and our society's self-respect.

We need the remnants of America's decency and honor to shake off the stupefying effects of false prophets' decadence and ineptitude. Now is truly the time that tries wo/men's souls. Life is not about free lunch and gaming the "system". We are the system.

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