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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'll see your mysteries and raise you some more

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“How, you might wonder, can [Hugo Chávez] be a friend to the likes of [Carlos the Jackal, Idi Amin, and Robert Mugabe], rather than to Women of Zimbabwe Arise? How be on the side of ... Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, rather than on the side of those fighting for democratic reform in Iran? In fact, that's less of a mystery than why Hugo Chávez should have become the hero of Camden.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Norman Geras, November 26, 2009’

Continuing in Norm's vein, how, you might really wonder, can the President of the United States strive to befriend the likes of Chávez and I'madinnerjacket, sworn enemies of the United States, and self-proclaimed scum of the earth? How be bowing and scraping before two-bit potentates, while universally acknowledged as the leader of the free world? How can He continue to push for every piece of ill-advised legislation that can only lead to the ruination of the only nation standing between a potential heaven-on-earth and seventh-century-style hell?

In fact, that's even less of a mystery than why, for the love of god, so many seemingly rational people of good will can continue to support the agenda of such a perversion of everything that is great and good about the United States of America.

h/t S.Apostate
"Thanksgiving" by Norman Rockwell

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