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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

People ask TheBigHenry ...

Q: TheBigHenry: Why are conservatives so mean?
A: The short answer is that they aren't. Do you remember when you were a kid and Mom and Dad didn't let you do stuff, like play with matches? Well, conservatives are like your Mom and Dad. They don't want you to do stuff that is dangerous and could seriously injure you and hurt the whole country.

Q: TheBigHenry, What is wrong with having a Nationalized Health Care Option like the One our Dear Leader wants to give us?
A: In theory, there is nothing wrong with the idea. But in practice, it's a whole nother ball game. You see, the Federal Government doesn't actually have any wealth to pay for all the nice things that The Dear Obama wants to give everybody. Instead, the Federal Government has two powers that enable it to make wonderful promises that it can pretend to pay for, but which actually end up being paid for by everybody currently alive, and all those who will be born in the future. Those two powerful powers are taxation and printing. So here is how a Nationalized Health Care Option would play out. At first, everything would be honky dory. Then, the vast bureaucracy would become inefficient, just like the post office, and start losing money, because providing healthcare is very expensive, and when it is offered to everyone who wants it for much less than it costs to provide it, well, the government has only two options: raise taxes and/or print money. Either way, people with income will end up paying for it either directly through taxes or indirectly via the devaluation of their money because of the printing of it. Nevertheless, the government will continue to support (with taxes and printing) the losing proposition, because it will have become an entitlement, just like Medicare. But private insurance will not be able to compete because a losing proposition will drive them out of business. Then, inevitably, the government will become the sole provider of health care, which is when the proverbial shit will hit the fan. You see, you can support a losing proposition only so long as there are enough professionals (we call them doctors and nurses) to supply the healthcare that the government is paying for with devalued dollars. But eventually, such professionals, who are not generally stupid people, will say, "F*ck this shit", and instead of going to medical and nursing schools, more and more of potential doctors and nurses will end up going to law school instead, so that they can get a cushy job in government. And what happens when there aren't enough doctors and nurses to go around? Yup, sooner or later you will get rationing of healthcare, just like they have in Canada and Britain, where they tried the same f*cking system before, to they're great regret.

[If you want a "big boy's" answer to this question, read Charles Krauthammer's "Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy"]

Q: TheBigHenry: It sounds like you are one of those Obama haters. Why?
A: I am not. I believe The Obama is well-meaning and wants to be loved by everybody for giving away stuff to naive little people who think He is the second coming of sliced bread. He just doesn't understand elementary economics, just like the stupid shits in Congress.

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