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Friday, August 14, 2009

A little help here ...

That would be a quadrillion, Chief.

Name of NumberPower of TenMultiples of 3 [OOM]Comments
million62thousand × thousand
billion93thousand × million
trillion124thousand × billion;
or, million × million
10 trillion1341/3U.S. Federal Debt [$] (2008)
100 trillion1442/3# cells in human body
quadrillion155thousand × trillion;
or, million × billion
quintillion186thousand × quadrillion;
or, million × trillion;
or, billion × billion
sextillion217thousand × quintillion;
or, million × quadrillion;
or, billion × trillion
septillion2481.7 × Avogadro's number
googol100331/3sextillion × (# photons in universe)
googolplexgoogolgoogol/3Zimbabwe's % hyperinflation

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