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Monday, July 27, 2009

What do liberals want?

As it turns out, they want two things:
  1. They want more. And,
  2. they want it in cash.
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   “By the way, Henry,” Philip added, “do you mind if I ask you to have Miss Ives give me the money in cash?” Rearden turned back to him, puzzled. “You see, Friends of Global Progress are a very progressive group and they have always maintained that you represent the blackest element of social retrogression in the country, so it would embarrass us, you know, to have your name on our list of contributors, because somebody might accuse us of being in the pay of Hank Rearden.”
   He wanted to slap Philip's face. But an almost unendurable contempt made him close his eyes instead.
   “All right,” he said quietly, “you can have it in cash.”
   He walked away, to the farthest window of the room, and stood looking at the glow of the mills in the distance.
   He heard Larkin's voice crying after him, “Damn it, Hank, you shouldn't have given it to him!”
   Then Lillian's voice came, cold and gay: “But you're wrong, Paul, you're so wrong! What would happen to Henry's vanity if he didn't have us to throw alms to? What would become of his strength if he didn't have weaker people to dominate? What would he do with himself if he didn't keep us around as dependents? It's quite all right, really, I'm not criticizing him, it's just a law of human nature.”
   She took the metal bracelet and held it up, letting it glitter in the lamplight.
   “A chain,” she said. “Appropriate, isn't it? It's the chain by which he holds us all in bondage.”
— Atlas Shrugged, end of Part One, Chapter II
I suppose that a case can be made for liberals wanting something else too: they want their cash receipts as entitlements, without compensatory expression of gratitude to their benefactors, whom they loathe vocally and with great relish.

Well who wouldn't want that?

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