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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Harvard Radical Feminist Attacks Academic Freedom

Please — just kill me now!

Harvard's Sandra Korn
Leftist Crusade for 'Academic Justice'
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“In her columns, she’s paid tribute to the Black Panthers, celebrated the Occupy movement, and chided those who cheered Kim Jong-Il’s death. She’s opposed allowing ROTC back onto the Harvard campus, one reason being that “[i]nternational students…from countries not allied with the United States” might object to their presence. She’s criticized Harvard’s plans to distribute lecture courses on the Internet as the latest development in “a long history of imperialism in which U.S. elites have told an increasingly globalized world that what they thought was best.” She’s written that “[w]hile violent resistance through Hamas is not right,” it’s “not incomprehensible,” given that “non-violent resistance cannot make the international community pay attention to the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza.” And she’s dismissed as “Islamophobia” any statement of the objective fact that anti-Semitism is a core element of contemporary Palestinian identity.”
— Published by Theo Spark, 23 FEBRUARY 2014 (

There is one thing you must understand about my people, AKA the stiff-necked people: though they are disproportionately adept at math, science, and financial savoir faire, they have a fatal Achilles’ heel — they have no clue which side their bread is buttered on.

This is how an idiot like Sandra Korn, who grew up in the great American meritocracy, having had all the wonderful advantages that free-market capitalism allowed her, prospers and persists in her support of Leftist ideology.

Both God and His messenger, Moses, understood these flawed people. Yes, they are, by and large, ethical, well meaning, highly intelligent, and skillful suvivors. But they are stupid political creatures. They always think that blind obedience will save their miserable lives.

Until they are carted off to the gas chambers.
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