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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Conservation of Time

“Time — I cherish it while luxuriating in it.” — TheBigHenry

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“(Reuters) - They may be trying to sell you that $10,000 suit or $35,000 necklace, but what luxury's tastemakers really yearn for themselves is not material at all.”
— By Dhanya Skariachan, May 26, 2011 (

“Hey man, d'you wanna buy a watch?”
“Hey no, man. Like, I'm not into time, man.”
— Cheech and Chong

Unlike Tommy Chong, I am into time, man. Very much so. Because, Einstein's discovery not withstanding, time is the one commodity that money can't buy.

For most of my adult life, I labored under what I suppose is a common paradoxical situation for a professional man — my love/hate relationship with my wristwatch. Though it has always been my favorite personal possession, it has also been my strictest taskmaster. And, most ironically, I wasn't consciously aware of this stress-inducing conflict of feelings about my watch. Until I retired.

Many of my contemporaries dread retirement. It represents what is perceived to be everyman's crossing of the Rubicon, especially for those men (and women) who define themselves primarily by their professional accomplishments. Though I am happily in my tenth year of retirement, I know former colleagues who have not yet cast that die.

During my professional days, I always imagined that once I retired, I would never have to endure the agony of forcing myself to get out of bed on a cold Monday morning to face a myriad of obligations that had festered all weekend. But, to my great surprise, during my retirement, I have metamorphosed into a morning person! I get out of bed as soon as I wake up, eager to face whatever atrocity has been perpetrated against the good people of the United States by the likes of Barack Obama.

I knew, albeit intuitively, that my retirement would prove to be a most important decision for improving the quality of my life. Having done my "homework" regarding financial matters, and having paid my dues to society and to myself over the course of my professional career, I stepped boldly into my own chosen future and never looked back. So far, I have had no regrets.

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