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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Serious People Are Grateful

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Having worked in four government agencies, I know that when a battle between contractors has such a high public profile, there is usually more to the story than what we see in the news. Might this be true in the case of the Joint Strike Fighter engine debate? […] And guess what? The GAO report totally backs up the GE-Rolls Royce claims of cost savings. GAO studies indicate that a procurement track that pits two contractors against each other as a product is developed actually does save a huge amount of money over the long term because the competition encourages innovation and efficiency. I was, frankly, surprised at how conclusive the GAO report is – I suppose I’d guessed that the report must be mixed or somehow inconclusive since its findings haven’t been the lead in news stories about the Strike Fighter.” [emphasis added]
— By Jean Card, 06/04/10 (TheDC)

In my considered opinion, Ms. Card should not have been surprised at all by her finding. The most important research and development effort ever undertaken, which must be credited with safeguarding humanity for more than half a century to date, has been conducted under the auspices of the two premier American National Laboratories — Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore. And the reason there are two laboratories (rather than only one) engaged in this ongoing national-security endeavor has been understood by serious people for a very long time: vital missions thrive from the innovation and efficiency promoted by competition (friendly or otherwise).

Politicians and the media are, by and large, not serious people. Serious people shun the limelight. They work hard applying themselves to the solution of difficult problems of great significance to humanity, frequently in the face of outrageous impediments inflicted by self-serving politicians and the salacious machinations of the media jackals. The magnificent accomplishments of all our National Laboratories are largely taken for granted by most politicians, often maligned by the scandalous media, and virtually unknown by the man on the street. But serious people know. And they are grateful.

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