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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Classification of Everything

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“[T]he fundamental dichotomy is dimensionality itself. Everything in the universe, including everything that can be conceived, either has an implicit dimensionality or it doesn't. If it has dimensionality it can, in principle, be measured; if it doesn't, it can not be measured (not even in principle). The reason that dimensionality is more fundamental than even a bit of information is precisely because bits can only describe measurable concepts, concepts that are in some fundamental sense quantifiable (and ultimately digitized).”
TheBigHenry, October 1, 2009
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“Evolutionary biologists have failed to realize that they work with two more or less incommensurable domains: that of information and that of matter. I address this problem in my 1992 book, Natural Selection: Domains, Levels, and Challenges. These two domains will never be brought together in any kind of the sense usually implied by the term "reductionism." You can speak of galaxies and particles of dust in the same terms, because they both have mass and charge and length and width. You can't do that with information and matter. Information doesn't have mass or charge or length in millimeters. Likewise, matter doesn't have bytes. You can't measure so much gold in so many bytes. It doesn't have redundancy, or fidelity, or any of the other descriptors we apply to information. This dearth of shared descriptors makes matter and information two separate domains of existence, which have to be discussed separately, in their own terms.”
— George C. Williams, The Third Culture - Chapter 1
“It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.”
President Bill Clinton
The fundamental meaning of everything is classification.

And the fundamental classification of everything is defined by the fundamental dichotomy, namely dimensionality.

"Everything" includes "classification", which latter may be thought of as the fundamental process. So that existence, which in the broadest sense includes fantasy, may be thought of as the classification of everything (including the process of classification itself).

The expanding universe, which includes us as elements of itself, is the "autobiography" of knowledge, a work in progress titled, "The Classification of Everything". It begins thus:
The Classification of Everything
The Big Bang
Dimensionality = 0
Dimensionality > 0
Matter/(Information Structure)
Dimensionality = 1
Dimensionality > 1
Mass = 0
Mass > 0

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